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Law Academy at Booker High School: Opportunities To Assist


Mentoring Program: Through the organization, Faces of Accomplishment, students at the Law Academy (and other high schools) are linked to adults to provide mentoring throughout the school year. ARAS members can participate in these efforts for students at the Law Academy.

The mentoring takes place at the school once a week for an hour during the student’s lunch period. The students’ parents will provide permission so that the mentor will have access to student records and their faculty to aid in the effort. Mentors will have a background check and will be paired by gender with a student for everyone’s protection.


Students who have completed Law Academy with a record which meets certain criteria will have a path to admission to Stetson Law School. Stetson has a Direct Admission program. Law Academy graduates who graduate with a bachelor’s degree from USF/Sarasota-Manatee or from either SCF North or South have priority for slots in the Direct Admission program.


ARAS members also can assist the Law Academy program by accompanying the Faculty Director, Ryan Kelley, to Career Days at middle schools to assist in informing students about the law as a profession and the Academy. In addition, ARAS members can advise the students that they are there to help. In these ways, we can assist in growing Law Academy enrollment.


ARAS members who would like to participate in either of these activities should contact Ivan Rubin. At or (917) 804-0938.

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