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2018 Law Week

in the Schools

Law Week in the Schools at

Venice Elementary


Fifteen members of the Association of Retired Attorneys of Sarasota participated in the Law Week In the Schools program during May of 2018. The volunteers joined with members of the Sarasota Bar Association and visited classes in seven elementary schools across Sarasota County teaching hundreds of students about the American legal system and giving them an inside look at the legal profession.


            Here member Robert Foster attended a 5th grade class at Venice Elementary School on May 11, 2018 with Sarasota practicing attorney Annie Boone. They answered questions about being a lawyer beginning with “Is being a lawyer hard?” They attended the classroom of Bethany Burnett, the current Sarasota School District Elementary School Teacher of the Year.

Law Week in the Schools at

Wilkinson Elementary

Monica Cunningham with local attorney Mark Flaherty and a 5th grade class at Wilkinson Elementary. The class was prepared, attentive and had many questions. Ms. Cunningham will participate again!

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