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Law Week in the Schools 2019




            The following nineteen members of the Association of Retired Attorneys of Sarasota, Florida recently participated in the Sarasota School District’s Law Week In The Schools program. Between April 16, 2019 and April 19, 2019 these nineteen law school graduates who practiced law in various parts of the United States but have moved to the Sarasota, Florida area to retire, appeared in 7 elementary schools and 20 5th grade classrooms in association with a practicing member of the Sarasota Bar Association and engaged with Sarasota elementary school children in discussion of this year’s theme: Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press and Freedom of Assembly. The volunteers reported that their participation was worthwhile, that they had a “wonderful time” and that it was “fun”,”delightful”, and a “rewarding experience”.


                                    Gordon “Toby” Hurd            Ann Segal

                                    Ruth Shafer                           David Wiegand

                                    Ivan Rubin                             Michael Krasnow

                                    Bill Herring                            Leslie Curley

                                    Joan Schneider                     Amy Drachman

                                    Martin Fried                          Milly Collins

                                    Robert Kaplan                      Jack Robinson

                                    Ethel Revels                          Richard Weingarten

                                    Alan Bandler                        Harold Zabin

                                    Jim Case

Law Week 2019 Ms Bains 5th grade class G
Law Week 2019 Ms. Bains Class from Alan

From Alan Bandler - Gulf Gate 5th Grade Class

I was at Ms. Blaine’s class at the Gulf Gate school.  I much enjoyed the experience and do believe it was beneficial for the kids as well. I really appreciate the time and effort that Harold Zabin put into this program. I think it is well worth while. 

Law Week 2019 Wilkinson.jpg

From Leslie Curley - Wilkinson School

The children were delightful and the teacher was very appreciative. The students performed the script and I spoke for a few minutes about freedom of speech. I offered to return and speak to the students about freedom of speech and other First Amendment issues. Thanks to Harold Zabin for creating this opportunity.

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