Next Meeting, Friday, January 28
at 12 Noon.

Meetings are at 12:00 Noon, pre-pandemic held at Marina Jack Restaurant,  located at 2 Marina Plaza, Sarasota — on the beautiful Sarasota bayfront, one traffic light south of the John Ringling Causeway just west of US 41 (Bayshore Drive).  We’re upstairs in the spectacular Bayfront Room.  Valet Parking is available ($1 per car plus gratuity if desired). 




Our speaker topic will be:


January Speakers: Judith Starr  and Elizabeth Spahn



Follow the Money -- Tracking the Criminal Money Trail

Grand corruption facilitated by the ensuing global money laundering is the most important human rights and environmental problem of our time.  Any effort for progressive reform, whether domestic US or international, is thwarted by grand (elite oligarchs) corruption.  Economists demonstrated nearly universally that grand corruption causes poverty.  While moral outrage against greedy oligarchs is fun, it's more important to understand the very tough legal tools currently available to combat grand corruption.  This talk will provide a quick overview of some of the more important legal tools. 


We welcome local or visiting retired attorneys who are interested in learning more about our organization. However, advance reservations are required.


You may contact us using the form below or email us at:

Call our President, Steve Sturm directly at 941-487-7176.  

We look forward to hearing from you!

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At our January 27 luncheon meeting at Marina Jack Restaurant, Gerald J. (Jack) Robinson and David E. Morrill presented a lively, enlightening debate exploring "Can Union Dues Be Unconstitutional Compelled Speech?" (revisiting U.S. Supreme Court case Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association).  Their program was enjoyed by more than 65 members and their guests.
In the photo left to right: Jack Robinson, former
ARAS President Bernie Ehrlich, and David Morrill.


At our February 24 luncheon meeting at Marina Jack Restaurant, Chief 12th Circuit Judge Charles E. Williams spoke to a packed house on "A View from the Bench: Updates, Reflections and Observations."


At our March 31 luncheon meeting at Marina Jack Restaurant, Dr. Jan Schneider spoke to another packed house on
"Federal Benefits for the Aged
and Others in Need."

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At our October 27 luncheon meeting,
Dr. Robert Barylski spoke on "Vladimir Putin: Making Russia Great Again."