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Our members participating at the Booker High School Pre-Law Academy


The Association of Retired Attorneys of Sarasota, Inc., is an organization whose purpose is to promote on a voluntary, nonprofit, and nonpolitical basis the advancement of the administration of justice within the State of Florida and to provide a forum for the thoughtful exploration of current legal issues. Founded over 20 years ago, our Association currently comprises approximately 85 retired attorneys and judges from throughout the United States. We enjoy great camaraderie and fellowship, especially when relating and swapping stories and highlights of our interesting and varied careers.


The membership meetings consist of monthly luncheons in Sarasota ordinarily on the last Friday of each month, to which we invite interesting speakers on law-related topics and current events. During the past year, we held membership debates on Constitutional issues, heard from a law professor on immigration reform, heard from a retired litigator about class-action lawsuits, listened to a talk about the significance of emotion-laden words, and hosted a discussion of two Supreme Court-related books. During the previous year, we held membership debates on Constitutional issues; heard from local Congressional candidates or their representatives; listened to law professors discuss current issues in their respective fields of expertise; and hosted an Editor from the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, the Sarasota Public Defender, and the Sarasota County Sheriff. These speakers were very well received and are one of the primary reasons for our rapid membership increase.






















A slide show of members enjoying each other at a luncheon and our very dedicated Board of Directors



In fulfillment of our purpose, several of our members over the years have qualified as emeritus attorneys under Chapter 12 of the Florida Bar Rules and continue to provide pro-bono services to low-income persons under the auspices of Legal Aid of Manasota, Inc., and Gulf Coast Legal Services.


We have commenced a relationship with the Booker High School Pre-Law Academy whereby our members teach, counsel, and mentor honor students interested in becoming attorneys. We are also participating in the Sarasota Juvenile Court Program and act as judges and advisors to the student–attorneys. The Association is also currently seeking to expand the programs utilized by our members to perform pro-bono services to help our community.


We cordially invite all retired Sarasota County attorneys to consider joining our Association, as we strongly welcome new points of view, experiences, and personalities.

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